[mythtv-users] Does multirec actually work ?

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Feb 5 17:28:06 UTC 2009

Mike Perkins wrote:

>>Without switching tuners how could you view a channel on a different
>>multiplex? Live tv unfortunately won't switch tuners to give you the
>>channel you want.
>Freeview in the UK uses 6 multiplexes, all of which are accessable 
>to the same tuner. No need to switch tuners to get another 
>multiplex, usually.
>However, I don't run multirec, so I don't know if that's introduced 
>different behaviour.

You miss the point, once a tuner is in use for a recording (which was 
the key bit mentioned by the OP), then you cannot switch multiplex. 
So using that tuner, the only channels you can watch are those on the 
same multiplex as the channel(s) being recorded.

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