[mythtv-users] Lots of confusion as to which card(s) to buy for vdpau

Lee Koloszyc pantslessape at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 12:58:57 UTC 2009

On 2/5/2009 5:29 AM, Bill Williamson wrote:
> \
> For PROGRESSIVE video does "onefield" lose half the resoolution?  if 
> so, why?  That doesn't seem to make any sense.   I understand that it 
> will for interlaced.  I could run BOB2x, but it seems silly to do so 
> when the video is already the perfect framerate, and only needs to be 
> scaled DOWN (I run 720p for projector and 1360x768 for LCD tv).
I may be confused but I don't think you need a deinterlacer for 
progressive video as it is already full-frame so there is nothing to 
Currently I have my box set to play 720p without a deinterlacer and it 
looks amazing.  The 1080i stuff I have to use BOB.


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