[mythtv-users] Questions about automated shutdown/startup...

Jay Summet jay at summet.com
Wed Feb 4 23:05:29 UTC 2009

I have configured my FE/BE box to automatically shut down when idle and
wake itself up to make recordings. I was able to use mythshutdown for
the pre-shutdown check and actual shutdown, but had to roll my own
script to set the acpi wakeup time. (I'm running Ubuntu 8.4 which uses
/proc/acpi/alarm even though it has the newer kernel).  Myth version is
the 0.21-fixes branch, up-to-date as of a month ago.


 1) I have Mythwelcome start up automatically upon boot-up. It has a
feature to "start the frontend automatically" but only if it was NOT an
automatic wakeup. (i.e. if somebody pushes the power button, the
frontend is kicked off, but if the machine woke itself up to do an
automated recording, it does not.)  This feature does not work for me,
in that no matter why the machine starts up, the front end is started up
(I eventually unchecked this box, and now my wife has to push a button
to start up the front end, even if she manually started the computer).
Is this because I'm not using mythshutdown to set the wakeup time?

1a) if so, how do I fix mythshutdown to work with /proc/acpi/alarm? (to
make matters worse, my custom script changes the time_t seconds to local
time, not UTC, before writing it to /proc/acpi/alarm).

2) Sometimes I forget to exit out of the front end, and this keeps the
system from shutting down. Is there a way to make the front end time-out
 (after say, an hour of no input) and exit back to mythwelcome?

3) Any general hints for mythboxes that turn themselves off/on?


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