[mythtv-users] Newegg has SiliconDust HDHomerun for $140, again

Jay Summet jay at summet.com
Wed Feb 4 14:42:23 UTC 2009

> On Wed, Feb 04, 2009 at 12:48:08AM -0800, John Finlay wrote:
>> Yeechang Lee wrote:
>>> Jay Summet <jay at summet.com> says:
>>>> I assume this is the version 2 HDHomerun (is anybody even selling the
>>>> version 1 still?)
>>> What's the difference? I know about the defective power supply (mine
>>> is OK), but have there been any changes that would matter from a
>>> recording standpoint?
>> Version 2 apparently has a more sensitive tuner.

Yes, the 10xxxxxx serial numbers have rev1 tuner chipset (which works
relatively well). The 13xxxxx serial numbers (rev2) have a newer and
updated tuner chipset.

The main gain is that the rev2 chipset is supposed to deal better with
overly strong signals. For example, I am located 4 miles from several
broadcast antennas, and 20 miles from another. By having an antenna good
enough for the distant station, all of my close stations are overloading
the tuners and I have to use attenuators to balance out the SNR between
the overly strong stations and the weak station (but every so often I
still get a few intermittent video/audio quality glitches).  I'm hoping
that the rev2 HDHomerun will fix this problem.


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