[mythtv-users] SCHEDULING: Chuck, House, HIMYM, and the Big Bang Theory

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Mon Feb 2 23:40:46 UTC 2009

yes this is for the USA

Greetings TV fans!
It's time for the annual trainwreck timeslot (well, this one is *ours*)

If you are a fan of House, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, this may apply to you.

checking out my mythtv upcoming (which has *3* tuners)
here's what I found

Chuck on Tuner 1
How I Met Your Mother on Tuner 2
The Big Bang Theory on Tuner 3
House - recording next Saturday (or whatever day) on USA

myth seems to enjoy deconflicting by taking the two half hour shows, putting them on separate timers so that they can overrun - early/later (CBS enjoys doing this on Mondays) and looking for another airing of House.

I had to move the ending of Big Bang to a minute early (perhaps I should try putting both of them on "on time" - which show's timing do I trust more?) Who knows where things will end up. But at least House will be recording - unless the DVRs tuner card decides it just doesn't want to play, and gives me a 0 byte file. (thankfully the show that got that was a rerun of something. Jay suggests a new motherboard and CPU, I'm thinking we should start with upping from 512MB of RAM. I now have a desktop that has more than that.)

anyway, House is a special case, as it's generally rerun on USA within the week window myth is looking for it in.

Pam from Boston
Happily ever after means the show is really over.
Shonda Rhimes - Entertainment Weekly, May 9, 2008 issue
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