[mythtv-users] Up-To-Date (UK) FreeSAT channel numbers?

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Feb 2 19:31:55 UTC 2009

Nick Morrott wrote:
>>> If what I say above is correct, choosing "Delete all video sources" is
>>> what will help to reset the _chanid_ numbering, but likely not have
>>> any bearing on the channel numbers (channum) seen on the OSD and in
>>> the EPG if using DVB-T or DVB-S.
>>  Correct, but he will get the same number as the channum, which is not what
>> he wants. Changing that will require mysql at the commandline or phpMyAdmin.
> I can't think of any reason for a 'normal user' to have to change the
> _chanid_ - after all this is an internal unique identifier for
> channels. Updating the user-facing channel numbering is an entirely
> more likely scenario, and easy to achieve without touching the
> database directly.
> Updating a channel's channum/callsign/name/xmltvid is a
> straightforward process using either the channel editor in LiveTV, or
> using the MythWeb TV::Channel Info page to update the relevant values.

Changing the chanid will affect the prefix number on the recording. My 
chanid's are by the actual frequency number plus id not the 'channel' 
they call themselves. So "Channel 2" (the analog channel number) is 
chanid 2139 (or 2239 for the Weather in SD). So my recordings of Law & 
Order are prefixed 2139_yyyymmdd etc. I would prefer 2021 which is 
easier for my to match up. Similarly for (offhand) all but 2 of the 22 
digital channels available here. (Hmmm, '47' is on '64 or is it 44?)

Makes it easier to find and copy recordings to portable media or 
transcode for writing to a dvd.

>>> Also remember that chanid must be unique for each entry in the channel
>>> table. Channel number does not have this restriction.
>>  Worth remembering, as is the fact that the xmltvid will be unique to each
>> unique channel even if you want to use the same channum to describe 2
>> different versions of the 'same' channel (as in an analog and a digital
>> broadcast pair (for the next 17 days!).
> In the UK (where we have a much simpler TV network topology) we can
> get away with having the same channel (e.g. BBC1 London, BBC2 England)
> on multiple video sources use the same xmltvid (and thus listings
> data) without issue - as long as each video source is configured to
> use the same grabber.

Yes, since the broadcasts ARE teh same. Not necessarily true here where 
channels are still fighting with the digital changeover/rampup. Program 
lineups can and do differ on *some* channels (not many any more and 
basically none of the US channels).

> Certainly the next 4 months and 17 days (if not delayed even further)
> will be interesting to follow from this side of the pond:)

Interesting. I read that the Bill to DELAY the changeover failed, and 
thus the changeover will go ahead as planned. Other reports seemed to 
have that backwards, I suspect because they took the *defeat* of the 
Bill as being a defeat of the concept that the changeover would go ahead 
on Feb 17. In fact, that date is mandated by prior legislation AIUI, and 
so new legislation was needed to overturn the prior state. And the new 
Bill was defeated.

Anyone got a better understanding of exactly what the hell the 
congresscritters actually did? (Besides porking their districts...don't 
worry Harper and Flaherty are doing that up here too).


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