[mythtv-users] Another Out Of Ram with probably a cause/solution

belcampo belcampo at zonnet.nl
Mon Feb 2 15:56:46 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Maybe unrelated to other 'memory-leak-like-problems', but I've also had 
some serious Out Of Ram troubles, couldn't compile qt4, ran out of ram, 
things I didn't have before, read gcc Changelogs , tried gcc 4.3.3 which 
'should' have reduced memory requirements. then couldn't compile a 
certain plugin while not 4.3.3 compatible. So I went back to 4.2.2 and 
downloaded sources of binutils-2.19, I don;t know why I did this, 
compiled and installed it and everything isn't running out of memory 
anymore. This is with Mandriva 2009.1 and 2008. Probably other Fedora 
derivates show related behaviour.

Henk Schoneveld

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