[mythtv-users] Deleting channels, really

Mary Strimel mary.strimel at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 20:56:12 UTC 2009

hi all,
My mythbox records from an OTA tuner card and also a set-top cable box using
s-video; I would also like to experiment with the firewire output on the

The problem is that my guide now has WAY too many channels and there seems
to be no way for me to delete the unwanted ones.  I am in the USA using
Schedules Direct.  I'll go mad if I continue to see 4 versons of Home
Shoppng Network in my guide :)  I've looked around the Gossamer archives,
but forgive me I have not seen a soluton for this exact issue within Mythtv
(maybe I'm missing something ...)

I've tried the following methods to delete channels:
- from mythtv-setup->channel editor, select a channel, hit "d" and choose
yes.  The channel appears to be deleted but comes back later.

- from mythtv-setup-> channel editor, select a channel, hit "m" for menu,
de-select "visible".  Sometimes this makes the channel appear to go away for
a whle, but more often seems to have no effect.

- log in to Schedules Direct, get rid of all the unwanted channels, then run
"mythfilldatabase --refresh-all".  The unwanted channels are stll there, now
they just say "unknown" where the programming should be.

Help!!!!  I really need channel deletes to "stick," preferably from within
mythtv, because the firewire lineup wll need to be a subset of the "cable
box" lineup, and Schedules Direct won't seem to give me 2 lineups to play
with for Comcast Digital in my zip code.  So I  need to tell Myth that
"firewire" does not have some channels that "motorola STB" has, for
example.  And exorcise Home Shopping Network and its ilk from my living

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