[mythtv-users] Lots of confusion as to which card(s) to buy for vdpau

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Sun Feb 1 20:11:54 UTC 2009

On Sunday 01 February 2009 1:35:47 pm Allen Edwards wrote:
> > I'm running a 8400gs in my production system with vdpau.
> > Works just fine - it can't do the nicest deinterlacers with 1080i
> > sources, but it does bob2x (which looks *much* nicer than the software
> > bob2x with Xv) perfectly well at 1080i, and all the deinterlacers work at
> > lower source resolutions.
> >
> > Isaac
> >
> > __
> That's good news!  So, why do some people way it doesn't work?  Are
> you doing something special we should know about?

Other than using trunk?  Nothing much.

I'd *really* recommend not basing any performance/etc data on the backported 

> If  you don't mind a stupid question, if I have an ATSC 1080i input
> signal and a 720p projector as the display, where would you put this
> in the scheme of things processing power wise?

No idea, but it does have to deinterlace before it'd downscale for display, 
and that's where the various cards seem to act differently.


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