[mythtv-users] MythTV for TiVo converts

Kevin Ross kevin at familyross.net
Thu Dec 31 21:16:24 UTC 2009

Patrick Doyle wrote:
> When I press ESC to exit out of viewing a program, and then come back
> into it later, it starts back at the beginning, rather than where I
> left off.  This is very different than the TiVo experience, where they
> could go to the main menu, watch something else, and then pick up
> where they left off on the original program.
> Perhaps pressing ESC isn't the typical "MythTV" way to exit out of
> watching a program.
> I'm pretty sure I saw a menu item somewhere to change this behavior.

Yes, there's an option to save your place in the setup screens.  It will 
then always start from where you left off.  If you want to start from 
the beginning, (with the default themes) you need to hit I, then Play 
From, then Beginning, which kind of a pain.  MythVideo actually pops up 
a little prompt, asking Play from Beginning or Play from Bookmark, which 
is nice, and I'd like to see that copied to the recordings screen.

The alternative is, hit Enter (or OK on the remote) before Esc (or Back 
on the remote).  This sets a bookmark, then when you come back to the 
video later, it will automatically start from the bookmark.

> Are there other differences I might want to be prepared to address?

Don't know, never used a Tivo.

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