[mythtv-users] low def on Hi Def set (XvMC)

Matt Graham mattiehg at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 18:37:12 UTC 2009

Although I am sure that this subject has been touched on, I wasn't sure how
to search for it.  I am considering finally getting a Hi-def screen.
However, most of the content that I will be watching will still be

I have noticed that many of the more value oriented TV's do a poor job of
upscaling SD content.  Sometimes making the low pixel count of the source
content painfully obvious.

Then it occurred to me, that if I am sourcing the content from my Myth box,
then the Myth box will be doing the image processing (correct?)

I believe I have an Nvidia FX5200 and XvMC support compiled in,  will this
be able to do a decent job of SD conversion?

Also, on a possibly related note, I had turned off the compositor to in
order to eliminate tearing. Will I need to turn that back on?

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