[mythtv-users] Ideas for MythMusic rewrite

Andre Newman mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Thu Dec 31 12:11:22 UTC 2009

On 30 Dec 2009, at 12:53, Paul Harrison wrote:

> We'll probably regret this but we would like your opinions :-)  We are
> in the process of  switching MythMusic to MythUI and would like to take
> the opportunity to make some much needed improvements to the interface.

For me the best approach would be for Myth Music to disappear into the main recordings functionality. Much as was discussed in a recent thread about Myth Video, where quite a few (myself included) would like to see videos as part of the whole recordings UI, what is music but videos with no pictures? Music Videos blur the line further, should they be playable from MythMusic??

I feel that MythTV is fundamentally all about the mythical merging of media, ironic that since MythTV it's lo longer mythical :-) I would like to see cover art and visualisations/ screen savers available as "video" to all myth audio media (would be great for radio recordings too) and for more general recordings. Maybe there are some who would like to "watch" a TV show with audio only and a visualisation or screen saver instead (I can think of some shows that might be better this way), some who would like to watch a TV show but listen to a different soundtrack, nature shows with a thumping heavy rock soundtrack anyone >;-)

Sorry that my suggestion for MythMusic is almost "let's not have MythMusic at all" ;-) but I think it is a much better and simpler approach for a casual user who only has one UI to learn, also it seems to me that the initial work and code maintenance will be much simpler, just one UI to maintain for Recordings, Videos and Music.

> We don't necessarily  just want a list of feature requests, although
> every idea will be considered, but also how they should be implemented,
> what the interface should look like etc.

If everything is merged I am thinking that a themer can make a theme that is best for music if they like, perhaps even a themer can separate TV, Video and Music again with some filters? I don't know enough about theming to know if this is possible but if so then there could be themes for people who like all their media together and themes for people who like them kept separate.

For me less is always more...


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