[mythtv-users] adding card reading functionality to mythtv.

Johan johan.vanderkolk at dommel.be
Thu Dec 31 09:10:27 UTC 2009

Robert McNamara wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 7:08 PM, Michelle Dupuis <support at ocg.ca> wrote:
>> The media can make a story out of any collection of facts...banning a topic
>> won't change that.
>> How about just redirecting users to areas where they CAN discuss what they
>> seek?  That's cooperative, supportive, etc...
> Please don't top post on this list.
> The idea is to *not* cooperate or support a behavior that is
> off-limits.  Please respect the wishes of the developers and the
> project as a whole.  Is it that much to ask?
personally, I think that the request from many users in Europe isn't so 
much to perform cardsharing.
I do not feel the need to share my subscriptions with the rest of the 
world, neither do I want to use theirs.

I am not totally aware of US law, but in Europe it is not mandatory to 
procure a set-top box for satellite reception. What is required is the 
procurement of a subscription card. Also to note is that in most 
countries even the terrestrial "FTA" are only available per subscription 
if transmitted via satellite.

I am receiving these channels using a sat receiver card and a dual slot 
CI interface. (I have two subscriptions).

If that card fails ( it is now about 12 years old), I would need to buy 
a new card that supports again 2 CI slots.
(or two individual receiver cards with a CI slot, which is a PITN as it 
requires also a dual LNB setup).

A regular sat receiver card would cost me about 50$, whereas the above 
would cost me over 400$ (and is inconvenient for many people).

For me, the only functionality required would be for Mythtv to be able 
to read subscription cards located not in the CI slots, but on other 
interfaces -on the same machine-, and not share it. (so not including 
all these sharing mechanisms)

I do not know if this is considered illegal anywhere, but would 
appreciate any comments.

Please note that this is not a feature request. Those people who need it 
and want it should submit the code.


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