[mythtv-users] Adding HDHR to a master backend with an HDPVR already

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Dec 31 04:39:56 UTC 2009

On 12/30/2009 01:12 PM, Johnny Walker wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 3:40 PM, Johnny Walker<johnnyjboss at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>>> 2) Kicks back to the main FE page with an error about opening a
>>>> jump file, or some other error that I can't remember. However, it's at this
>>>> point that my FE becomes unstable and will no longer tune any channels. I
>>>> have to restart mythfrontend. When I relaunch mythfrontend and attempt to
>>>> watch TV, I have to quickly remember to tune to a good channel, or step 2
>>>> repeats itself and I have to restart the app once again.
>>> I had the same issue setting up my HDHR.  The problem is when you tune
>>> to the bad channel, it gets setup in the database before the channel
>>> is really good.  I had a separate SQL window open that would update
>>> the startchan field of the cardinput table to '2', which was working
>>> so that I could reliably just start mythfrontend.
>> This is the EXACT problem I was having - Things seem stable for the
>> moment but I have to go sort out the channels. Thanks for the tip on
>> keeping a mysql prompt open during this process. That will be most
>> helpful when I've got plenty of time to myself.
>> -JJ
> ok so last night I was able to focus on this while lurking on a
> conference call for my 'day job'. This became a priority again when my
> spouse tried to watch a local channel "4_2" in the linup (regardless
> of it's lack of guide info) and the whole frontend locked up since I'd
> actually disconnected the HDHR until I could sort this out.
> Seems it was way easier than I was making it. (Typical)
> I created a second lineup at Schedules Direct using the local over the
> air option.
> I edited the Video Source to use that linup.
> I ran a mythfrontend in windowed mode on my backend server now that it
> has more capable video hardware. That command was like this:
>       mythfrontend --geometry 800x600 -w -v playback
> The last option was because at some point while I was testing channels
> on the HDHR I chose ones that were I supposed encrypted and they
> 'hosed up' my ability to launch livetv until I rebooted my backend.
> With the frontend in windowed mode it was easier for me to edit my
> channel lineup using mythweb and remove channels that I added
> mistakenly added after performing the channel scan when I had
> originally tried to add this HDHR.
> Now I have removed the lower copies of my local channels since they
> are broadcasted on higher channel numbers through my STB and
> recordable there by my HDPVR.
> The local channels are now in my guide program where my spouse expects
> them to be and also listed again higher (I guess these are the HD
> versions?) so that we can dual tune when we are recording something
> from network television.
> So for example:
> KDFW-HD is on the HDHR using chennel 4_1 and xmlid 10402
>       and also
> KDFW is in HD on the HDPVR using the STB on channel 356 also with xmlid 10402
> So since cable networks usually repeat their programming often and the
> HDHR adds the local channels back again in HD - I'm able to avoid most
> scheduling conflicts and not miss any programming and only use 1 STB
> with my mythsetup.

Jumping in late in the thread. I wrote a little script which allowed me 
to poke good values into the mythconverg database when the backend got 
stuck tuning a bad channel.

This has been rendered safe by commenting the last three lines.
I called it good-channel-poke. Takes 2 inputs: Channel and card.


echo "Args provided: Channel: "   $Channel "    Card: "     $Card

if [ $1 = abc ];
   echo "You must provide a channel number."
if [ $2 = xyz ];
   echo "Need to give a Card number."

#echo 'update cardinput set startchan = '$1' where cardinputid = '$2' > 
#mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg < /var/tmp/startchanfix
#rm -f /var/tmp/startchanfix

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          I may wish to offend you again in the future.

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