[mythtv-users] Help me find the magic combo (remote/lirc)

Jan Johansson j2 at mupp.net
Thu Dec 31 00:50:00 UTC 2009

>It is likely that both the iMON nad MCE remotes are creating
>devices and your distribution's LIRC init script is causing lircd to
>the /dev/lircN created by iMON rather then MCE. You should be able to 
>handle this creating a udev rule that creates a symlink to the MCE 
>/dev/lircN device (based on the MCE devices USB vendor and product
>and configuring init to use the symlink as the device.

Ok, i have learned something from

My case does not have a receiver, but it is still identified as a
receiver I assume since lirc_imon is loaded.

Now, my /lib/udev/rules.d/85-lirc.rules looks like

#These rules are currently only adapted for a single lirc device.
#They are mainly used for hotplugability of the USB devices
#So that the user won't have to restart the lircd process.
#If a user has multiple lirc devices, and removes one of them
#The other will stop working as well.  This is a side effect
#of both this udev script as well as the lirc architecture
#Of chaining lircd processes.
ACTION=="add", KERNEL=="lirc[0-9]", RUN="/etc/init.d/lirc restart udev"
ACTION=="remove", KERNEL=="lirc[0-9]", RUN="/etc/init.d/lirc stop udev"

Could a friendly soul enlighten me how to apply that to what is on the
page I referenced to? Because witgh my limited udev knowledge, it seem
to me that just tagging those two lines onto the end is the wrong thing
to do.

Yes, I understand that this is more a lirc issue then MythTV, but in all
fairness, there is plenty of lirc expertise on this list :)

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