[mythtv-users] Cause of recordings not found?

Mike Dent mcdent at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 12:46:35 UTC 2009

2009/12/28 Dennis Cartier <dennis.cartier at gmail.com>:
> On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 4:32 PM, Mike Dent <mcdent at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Further to the above. I just checked a recording which is showing as
>> in progress on the frontend, and when I try to play it I am told the
>> recording is not yet available. When I look at the report in the
>> backend log I see:-
>> 2009-12-27 21:30:12.251 ProgramInfo, Error: GetPlaybackURL:
>> '1002_20091227210000.mpg' should be local, but it can not be found.
>> 2009-12-27 21:30:12.299 ProgramInfo, Error: GetPlaybackURL:
>> '1002_20091227210000.mpg' should be local, but it can not be found.
>> And the frontend:
>> 2009-12-27 21:30:12.378 PlaybackBox::play(): Error,
>> myth:// file not found
>> I'm assuming this was probably the cause of troubles earlier.
> This was happening to me for the last month that I was using 0.21. After
> upgrading to 0.22 I discovered that 1 of my tuners on 1 of my HD Homeruns
> was dead. 0.21 showed no obvious problems, other than the failed recordings,
> whereas 0.22 would segfault if I had that Homerun configured.
> I would check your tuners if you have multiple of them.
> Dennis

Thanks Dennis, it looks very much like this might have been the problem.
My dual tuner USB stick, although reporting two tuners, was not
receiving a lock on one tuner.
I moved the tuner to a windows box to test it, where it performed as
expected, both tuners.

I then put it back in the Linux MythTV box, guess what, both tuners
now working!?

Anyway, thats sorted at the moment, but is there a way to clean these
recordings out?


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