[mythtv-users] UI "offset" at startup?

Jan Johansson j2 at mupp.net
Tue Dec 29 22:58:17 UTC 2009



I just migrated my Myth Environment from an old Mythbuntu platform to a
Ubuntu 9.10 with Mythtv Trunk.


I have a weird (and not even very annoying) phenomenon.


When I first launch mythfrontend, the UI is a bit "offset". It "starts"
approx 1cm in on my flat screen TV. Also I see the top menu of my
desktop. (I have turned off visual styles according to
-screen-in-ubuntu-jaunty/ )


BUT as soon as I start watching something, it goes to "proper"
full-screen. And when I exit the recording the UI is also full screen.


What should I be checking to try to get it to start upp "proper full
screen" from the get-go?

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