[mythtv-users] 0.22 annoyances

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> Rather than submitting bug reports, how about rolling up your sleeves
and submitting some *patches* instead?


I agree with some of the other subsequent posts about the value in recording detailed reasoned constructive criticism and having it 
recorded on the list. I also feel this important and it should not be discouraged as it is needed to guide future development 
directions.  Its not hard to go onto the next post as the reader feels appropriate.

I also agree use of a horizontal scroll in a landscape window is counter intuitive however I presume others like it so respect that. 
FWIW IMO the most efficient screen layout is icons e.g. the iPhone layout.

While there has been a very successful move to make things look smarter and at least on the bleeding edge of what is in the market 
place I vote useability should always come before looks.

The suggestion about submitting patches (from my limited experience) appears incomplete.

What also should be appended is ....  submit patches....and then wait....

How does one get submitted patches incorporated, even on an interim basis?   {until the dev's revise the patches how they see best? 
(Other than learning to compile them in oneself - or become a dev!)}

I also will acknowledge here the limited dev resource here and that one might have to very reasonably wait quite some time.

I am providing information I see as missing in the above response to the OP. 

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