[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend crashes with no error after upgrade.

Jeremy Young jeremyrainman at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 29 17:16:11 UTC 2009

>> I upgraded to .22 just this weekend, and was hit with a strange 
>> situation. I've been fighting it for a couple days now. When I 
>> initially upgraded, both the BE and FE complained of being unable to 
>> connect to the database, despite all my efforts to provide them with 
>> the proper login information. I discovered this: 
>> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Troubleshooting:Mythbackend_will_not_start_after_upgrade 
>> and searched for multiple mysql.txt files, but found only one in my 
>> user/.mythtv directory. I think my issue was separate from that one. 
>> Despite this I upgraded mysql and recreated the mythtv user in mysql, 
>> this seems to have gotten at least the backend to run. It still seems 
>> quite touchy about connecting to the database though. 
>> However, now the FE crashes with no explanation. It will go to the 
>> base color screen for the theme that is selected, and then it drops 
>> me to X immediately. I get about 1 second of mythfrontend running, 
>> and then nothing. I can't find anything in the FE logs that explains 
>> why this would be. Is there some other release note/issue that might 
>> be causing this? The front-end worked fine on Wednesday, and nothing 
>> except myth and mysql were upgraded. I can provide logs if necessary 
>> (but honestly I couldn't find anything in it that indicated trouble). 
> Some how I managed to select Boise, ID as the time zone for the front 
> end and  Denver, CO for the backend. My front end refused to run and 
> exhibited the same behavior as you describe. (Flash of frontend, dump 
> to X). Even though these two cities are in the Mountain Time zone, 
> Myth apparently does not recognize this. So Boise on both or Denver on both 
> seems to have fixed the problem. 

I'm not sure where to fix the time-zone issue. Mythtv-setup doesn't have any place to specify time zone, and all the config files I've familiarized myself with have no place where it is specified.

Here's my FE log: http://tinyurl.com/y9zhxdg
Here's the BE log for the same time: http://tinyurl.com/y8hvk3q

I don't see anything in them that even indicates why the FE is crashing. There doesn't seem to be any error at all that is a problem. These were both done on verbose level 'most'

----- Jeremy

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