[mythtv-users] 0.22 annoyances

Gerald Brandt gbr at majentis.com
Tue Dec 29 16:27:31 UTC 2009

----- "Mark Garland" <mythtvusers at markgarland.co.uk> wrote: 
> > Something needs to be said here... 
> > It easy to sit back and criticize someone's work. I have been following 
> > the progress Mythtv has been making, and there's a lot of work being 
> > done by about 10 principle developers... 
> > I have been involved in many projects in my life,but have left a few do 
> > to this kind of reaction....It's open source...If you don't like 
> > something fix it if you have the skills,if not sit back and wait.. 
> > Submit bug reports if you must,but don't moan and groan about something 
> > that is costing you nothing... 
> I guess it is a tricky line to tread, and one that different people will see 
> differently. 
> At one end of the spectrum, there was someone a few weeks back who wrapped 
> their post in "<rant>" tags, and I would suggest that this is not the best 
> way to get the time-limited devs on your side. ;-) 
> However, at the other end of the spectrum, if something isn't working well 
> for someone, then I think this list is *exactly the right place* to air 
> these concerns - who knows, a dev may have implemented a feature which they 
> feel is useful for their personal usage however many of the user base may 
> agree that it does not work for them, and this may be enough to get it 
> changed. 
> Where exactly the OP's post fits on this spectrum, I'll let you decide, 
> however I've reread the post twice and can't really see the reaction here. 
> My fear would be (and I am not saying that this is happening on this list) 
> if people get too scared to raise issues they are having because they have 
> seen too many "don't moan and groan about something that is costing you 
> nothing" responses. I remember reading so many flaming posts on the 
> Hibernate forums that as a newbie I was too scared to post my question, and 
> this surely can't be good for the project as a whole. 
> HTH, 
> MG 

I think you have to realize that MythTV is bigger than just an open-source project. It's being used by people that have no idea how a computer even works. This is a valid part of any projects user base, and as a dev myself (not MythTV), I need to keep them in mind as much as the technical people. 

That being said, .21 to .22 was a big change (QT3 to QT4), and the test base is a bit small for a project of this size. Sometimes issues get through, and that's what -fixes are for. 


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