[mythtv-users] DVD ISOs

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 15:54:00 UTC 2009


> time ddrescue --no-split --verbose --block-size=2048 ${DEV} ${OUTFILE}

ddrescue -n -b=2048 /dev/sr0 file.iso

interesting; I am well through a test with this exact command; been
trying various options and this looks very promising. Midway through
the Handbrake transcode now.

>> ...then just rip the relevant titles and don't bother compressing them.
> One of the nice things about an ISO rip is that it preserves all of
> the menus, etc.  I don't think other tools would do that.

yeah, I agree it would be lovely to keep everything and I know storage
is cheap... but I have a spare 500GB drive already and with
compression of the main feature taking it to 2GB/2hour film
(preserving as much quality as possible) rather than up to 9GB (say
7GB) for a ISO rip. that makes one hell of a difference in the amount
of films I can have available on-line in Myth.


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