[mythtv-users] Group oddities

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Dec 29 09:27:57 UTC 2009

I'm playing around with recording groups lately, mainly to solve the  
probably most common use-case: per-user recordings.
I've noticed two oddities in the recording screens though, that I  
would consider bugs. But I figured I should ask here first, in case  
I'm missing some rationale behind the current behavior.

1) All recordings still show up in the "Default" group, even though I  
have assigned them to different groups. This gets me two redundant  
entries in the group list, "Default" and "All Recordings". Besides  
redundancy, I would really like to keep the Default group for all  
recordings that are not for a certain user.

2) If I choose to display the groups in the recordings screen, and  
also choose to not show the LiveTV recordings, the LiveTV group still  
shows up. If I don't choose to display the groups, the LiveTV  
recordings don't show up, as expected, unless I explicitly ask for  
them through the group filter.

There is also some wishlist of things I'd like to have in the  
recordings screen, that I'm going to add to the wiki, unless someone  
tells me that they don't make any sense for some reason:
- Sort groups and categories before recordings, i.e. when showing both  
groups (or categories, though I don't use them) and individual  
recordings, everything is sorted in alphabetically order. Having the  
groups always on top, maybe with a separator below, seems more  
intuitive to me.
- An iTunes-like column interface for recordings. I'm not sure if this  
is really giving any benefit, once the recording groups work like I'd  
expect them to work. The idea is to incrementally filter all  
recordings by picking filters from filter lists. First there is a list  
of available filters (groups, categories, years, directors, whatnot)  
and a list of all recordings below. If I pick a filter category, I get  
a list of all filter values in that category. If I pick a value, I  
again get a list of all left-over filter categories, and below the  
list of recording that match the current filters, etc.


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