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On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 3:47 PM, Richard Morton
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> As I said brasero rips it correctly
> And Vlc plays it correctly
> It has 99 titles on the dvd and title 20 is the one that plays from the dvd
> menu
> Handbrake cli will rip it correctly, either via a brasero iso or directly,
> but a programatic brasero-style rip followed by handbrakecli would be the
> ideal for my usecase all things considered
> R
> Please excuse brevity and mistakes, this email was composed on a mobile
> phone.
> Thanks and regards,
> Richard Morton
> On 28 Dec 2009 20:09, "jedi" <jedi at mishnet.org> wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 12:47:31PM -0500, Johnny wrote: > > thanks for the
> quick replies; here is wh...
>    If you have a DVD that is "broken" as a means of copy protection then
> you will just have to get a Windows program to decrypt the disk and work
> from there. Some of the newer schemes will generate some really bizarre
> results if you just try to play the main title normally or read the table
> of contents.
  I've been struggling with the same problem as you for the last couple
months, and I'm afraid to say I don't have any good answers.  I'd like my
DVD collection to live in MythVideo instead of on my shelf, but there
doesn't seem to be a satisfactory way to make it happen.

Before I go any further, I should address the previous posters:

Travis: Yes, we did try dd, and it does care that they did something
screwy.  Based on my limited understanding, this is the situation: DVD
drives have error correction code at the firmware level that prevent them
from passing on the contents of corrupt sectors to the host.  Commercial
video DVDs can be pressed with intentionally corrupted sectors that will
never be encountered during the normal playback of a DVD, but which will
thwart attempts to dd the disc.

belcampo:  Thanks for the suggestion, but cat doesn't do anything that dd

Johnny: I am talking about discs that the MythTV internal DVD player can
playback without a problem.  Not only can I play these discs back through
the internal player, I can also rip them using HandBrake or DVD::Rip or a
number of other tools that have been built to transcode DVDs.   What I *can
not* figure out how to do is rip an ISO.  I don't want to transcode my
DVDs.  I have an abundance of storage space and a shortage of time.  I don't
want to sit around waiting for my DVDs to rip.  I want it to happen at
roughly the same speed it would take to copy 9GB from a DVD-ROM to my hard

Charles & Jan:  I have not yet fully investigated ddrescue and dd --noerror,
do you have any experience using these options to rip otherwise recalcitrant

jedi: Again, I'm talking about discs that play fine under linux using
libdvdcss2 with vlc, mplayer, xine, or myhtv.

The problem seems to be that all of the best ripping tools are tightly
integrated ripping/transcoding tools.  I am currently using HandBrake for
ripping DVDs, but I care more about quality than space so I end up waiting 4
hours for 5GB h.264 rip of a DVD that I could have watched in 2 hours.

Anyhow, lest I sound like I am biting the free software hand that feeds me,
I have started working on exactly the tool I want: a non-transcoding DVD to
.mkv converter.  Before you get too excited, I don't really care too much
about this project and am unlikely to ever finish it.

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