[mythtv-users] New Myth setup - questions about storage.

Derek & Cindi Cass cass at casscoenterprises.com
Mon Dec 28 16:50:42 UTC 2009

I am rebuilding my mythbox to take advantage of 4 new 640GB drives that I
now have.  I am planning on putting them together in a RAID5 array for
recordings and to use as a file server for all the computers on my home


I am planning on putting the OS on a separate hard drive, and therein lie my
questions.  I have a few hard drives to choose from, a 80GB ide, 120GB ide,
a 160 GB SATA, and a 500GB SATA.  I would prefer to use the SATA drives in
other computers in the house, but I am concerned about system performance
using the slower ide drives as the OS drive.  The optical drive in this
system is also an ide drive, although it doesn't get much use.  I am aware
of performance issues with a hard drive and an optical drive sharing the
same channel, but I only rip the (very) occasional DVD; I never use it as a
CD or DVD player since the mythbox is hidden away in a closet.  The
motherboard in this system (Gigabyte M57SLI-S4) only has 1 ide channel, so
the OS drive and optical drive would have to share it.


Should I use the ide drive as my main drive?

Are there any issues with using ide and sata in the same system?

I have recently seen threads regarding performance issues with ext4.  What
filesystems should I use for the RAID5 and OS drives?

I have the option of using a SATA optical drive in this system.  Would it be
more beneficial to use both ide drives: one for OS, one for MYSQL?


Other relevant system specs: Athlon X2 4800+, NVidia 9500GT, 2 GB ram, HD
PVR, Hauppage HVR-1600.  I will be running .22-fixes and Fedora 12.


Any feedback would be appreciated!



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