[mythtv-users] German HD channels...

Andrew Stevens wackston at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 28 11:12:50 UTC 2009


> - if the patch from ticket #7481 can be applied to 0.22-fixes, or
> trunk only?  (http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/7481)

I applied it to 0.22-fixes for my Ubuntu 9.10 box.  Worked great - at
least I could watch the accumulated pile of Arte-HD content!

> - why this ticket is locked / has not been accepted since 2 months?
> Any known problems? I read some people reported success viewing German
> HD using this patch.
> - how could I try and apply this patch myself (I'm not a coder...
> currently running Mythbuntu Karmic with 0.22-fixes build 23003 from
> the "avenard testing" repositories)?

Here's what I did:

apt-get build-dep mythtv	
apt-get build-dep mythmusic

	You might need to do a bit more  installing of appropriate -dev
packages. I probably had some already installed from earlier

	In my src directory

svn co http://svn.mythtv.org/svn/branches/release-0-22-fixes mythtv-0-22
cd mythtv-0-22/mythtv
pushd libs/libavformat
patch -p0 < ~/downloads/libavformat.diff
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mythtv 
make -j 2
sudo make install
cd ../mythplugins
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mythtv
make -j 2
sudo make install

	I then removed the install mythfrontend package and set up shared
library loading to use the newly installed mythtv libs

sudo bash -c 'echo /usr/local/mythtv/lib > /etc/ld.so.conf.d/local-myhtv.conf'

Note 0: I actually also applied the mythtv_h264_strict_test1.diff patch
as well. Since stuff worked well I never bothered testing to see if it
was really needed or not.

Note 1: due to an oops I actually ran the ubuntu packaged myhthfrontend
with the new libs for quite some time.  Worked fine!  However, mixing
builds is always risky so I wouldn't recommend this!

Note 2: to cleanly switch to a packaged mythtv to try updates out etc
all that is needed  is to comment out the line
in /etc/ld.so.conf.d/local-myhtv.conf and do an ldconfig.

> Or just for lazy people like me: does anyone out there have binary
> "latest avenard-testing + patch-7481" deb packages for a poor German
> Mythbuntu guy that wants to record/watch German HD channels with a
> 0.22-fixes environment?

Obviously, once a sanely fixed mythbuntu package is available I'll
simply use that (until the next show-stopper bug shows up... :-( ).
Just don't know of any yet...



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