[mythtv-users] This hardware look ok for HD setup? (steve)

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Dec 27 02:39:27 UTC 2009

On Saturday 26 December 2009 07:16:35 pm steve wrote:
> Hey thanks a ton for the pointers!
> Per Kevin's suggestion, I'll get one of the newer cards. Is there anything
> to recommend the 2xxx cards over the 8xxx or 9xxx?  I know most of these
> things are intended for 3d gaming so I don't want to pay a lot for
> capability I'm never going to use.
>  I did the 3 gHz because the wiki writeup said you need 3gHz to handle HD
> playback, and dual core because I plan to run front/back on the same
>  machine and I don't want to get into problems if I record an HD stream at
>  the same time I'm playing one.

Recording an HD stream takes little or no CPU, just disk I/O. If you use VDPAU 
you won't need much CPU even to play back h264, it's all happening in the GPU.

It's playing back (decoding) HD with software that the WiKi  was referring to, 
if you want to have the capability to do software playback that's what you 
would need, and you would still be lacking some of the nice de-interlacers 
that VDPAU makes possible.

With VDPAU 3 Ghz. is not needed, at least IMHO, unless you want to have the 
ability to do software decoding, or do really fast transcodes.

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