[mythtv-users] Others view on feature idea for duplicate recordings

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 18:36:19 UTC 2009

>> I like watching a programme but it is repeated far too often on
>> freeview in the UK. I dont mind watching the same episode
>> occasionally;
> Are you saying that:
> a) the duplicate detection (subtitle/desc) does not work as well as it
> might, but if it _does_ re-record the same episode of the programme,
> you don't really mind; or
> b) you actively want it to continue re-recording the old episode(s),
> just not very often?
> Can you let me/us know which programme it is, how you are currently
> receiving listings for your channels, and how frequently the listings
> information includes episode information for it?
> Cheers,
> Nick

Hi Nick,

The answer is b :-)

I dont mind it re-recording periodically; just not too often. I like
this programme and although I dont want to watch the same programme
every month, but somwhere between every 6 to 18 months would be great

Freeview; DVB-T; EIT; 8days of programme data.

The duplicate detection works very well . Programme ID is usually
populated; can't see a series ID. I am planning on moving to XML - at
least I will unless I see an announcement regarding real-time updates
of over-runs from the broadcasters over EIT.


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