[mythtv-users] Others view on feature idea for duplicate recordings

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 22:17:33 UTC 2009

Merry Christmas everyone - no offense to those that don't celebrate it

As per my previous post I have just upgraded to 0.22; and while I
still have some work with sorting out meta data across my library for
JAMU and all my music needing a bit of a tidy up; I just came across a
scheduling challenge.

I like watching a programme but it is repeated far too often on
freeview in the UK. I dont mind watching the same episode
occasionally; there are a few ways to set this up in Myth:
I have two schedules setup for this programme:
1 - record all on specific channel with priority of 5 with duplicate
matching against all recordings
2 - record all on all channels with priority of -2 with duplicate
matching against current recordings only and a limit of 5 shows.

this isn't perfect though as if I watch a show (recorded with 2) and
delete it; if it is shown shortly afterwards it re-records the same

I was wondering if this duplicate option would be worth investigating:
 - check for duplicates in current recordings AND in previous
recordings within x time-period (time-period would be configurable).

Just an idea... have I missed something; have I overlooked the option
or just dont understand it?

thanks and have a great new year


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