[mythtv-users] Comparison Geforce 8200 vs AMD HD4200

Razorblade Razorblade at kabelbw.de
Fri Dec 25 06:46:52 UTC 2009

Hi Robert,

thank you very much for your reply.

This's exacly what I wanted to know. So I think I stick to my 8200 board 
and get some other 8200 board.

On 12/24/2009 12:00 PM, Robert Johnston wrote:
> On 24/12/2009 12:25 AM, Razorblade wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> does anybody of you have experience with the Radeon IGP HD4200 and
>> mythtv? I'm interested in HD and SD TV playback, DVDs and (maybe later)
>> BluRay playback.
>> Is the HD4200 currently supported?
> Supported by Linux? Maybe (Depending on your kernel version and the like).
> Supported by Myth? Only as an XV and (where available) OpenGL card.
> Beyond that, there are no acceleration options available from the
> driver, and none supported by Myth.
>> Is the NVIDIA IGP 8200 (with vdpau) faster and more reliable with Linux
>> and mythtv?
> Faster and more reliable than what? The HD4200?
> Given that vdpau is supported (as opposed to not on the Radeon), and the
> maturity of the NVidia drivers under linux, the answer is "yes".
>> For some other computer I need a new mainboard with an IGP. And I'm
>> thinking about replacing my current, well working, GeForce 8200
>> mainboard with a HD 4200 IGP mainboard and the other computer will get
>> the 8200 IGP board - but only if there are some benefits with the Radeon
>> IGP.
> For linux, there is no benefit to the Radeon. The Open-Source driver
> barely supports it, and doesn't have many features at all (OpenGL and
> compositing are it), and flgrx is very picky as to which kernels it
> supports (along with also only having OpenGL and composite).
> You would be better off buying another 8200 board (Or one higher up).
>> Greetings and merry christmas
> And to you.

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