[mythtv-users] Uninterruptible Power Supply

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Dec 23 23:23:47 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 23 December 2009 04:19:12 pm David Brodbeck wrote:

> I have yet to find an APC UPS that didn't use readily available sealed
> lead-acid batteries in one of a few standard sizes -- it's one of the
> reasons I prefer them.  These are available at pretty reasonable prices
> from places like Batteries Plus, Digi-Key, Mouser, etc.  The desktop-sized
> units generally take either a single 12V battery or two 6V batteries in
> series.  The ones that take two 6V batteries will also fit a single 12V
> battery, if you rearrange the wiring harness a little.  Just pull out the
> dead battery and order a new one with the same voltage and dimensions, and
> you're good to go.
> If you've got a server-type unit, it will still take standard batteries,
> but it will take more of them, usually in multiples of four to make a 48V
> pack.  If you find one of these you'll know it as soon as you try to move
> it.  The 3 kVA rack-mount SmartUPS units we have at work have 40 pounds of
> batteries in them.

I always buy APC units, because of the good Linux support for them (apcupsd). 
I have seen better "deals" on other brands, but knowing they will work well 
with Linux makes me comfortable with the APC units. What you say about the 
batteries makes me even more comfortable.

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