[mythtv-users] Any FE to Many PCs - LAN Content Simulcasts withVLC Multicasting

Tortise tortise at paradise.net.nz
Wed Dec 23 20:07:29 UTC 2009

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On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 6:54 PM, Tortise <tortise at paradise.net.nz> wrote:
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>> MultiCast with VLC:
>> This might work, I figure I'd use VLC as the myth media player and set it
>> to
>> multicast at the same time using the appropriate
>> command line. Then any PC on the network could tune the appropriate
>> multicast stream...any pc...and bingo, multicast! Each
>> multicast client would need to have enough puff to play the HD streams.
>> (This means they need to be higher spec CPU's as can't use
>> vdpau) I've tested VLC multicast and it works well out of the box. Now I
>> just need to set it up...and test some more.... Anyone
>> thought of this, tried this or any comments?

> vlc file://%s
> :sout=#duplicate{dst=std{access=udp,mux=ts,dst=},dst=display}
> vlc://quit
> as the "Recordings" player however I cannot find where to put that to change
> the recording player, seems that is not (no longer?) an option.

> you  have never been able to change the player for recordings, only
for videos. so put all your recordings in videos and use a custom vlc
steaming play command.

Now there's an option, I'll look into that, thanks Nick.

> What would be even more elegant would be to have the myth backend serve its
> streams to clients as a multicast stream, then any client could pull the
> media streams, not only the initiating client. I wonder how I'd get that to
> work?

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