[mythtv-users] PVR 150 Quality Issues

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Dec 23 17:35:05 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 23 December 2009 10:12:21 am Clay wrote:

> No idea how the frequencies are divided up on 2-99. Do know 2 is the worst
>  and they appear to get progressively better up to 13. 14 and up are fine.

That is typical of poor connections. The higher frequencies can "jump the gap" 
better than the lower ones (engineers, please stop snickering, but it's a good 
analogy IMHO).

I'd guess that 2-6 are actually the worst, again typical of a bad connector, 
or even water in the trunk or feeder cable.

The problem may be in the CATV system or in your home's distribution, but I'd 
try going directly into a TV or PVR, and report a problem if you still see the 

Too bad you don't have a spectrum analyzer available, the mid-band hump is a 
dead giveaway of some typical problems in a cable system.

Of course you could always rush out and buy a good spectrum analyzer, about 
$30,000 US should do it:-)

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