[mythtv-users] Uninterruptible Power Supply

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Dec 22 22:21:24 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 22 December 2009 12:53:30 pm Simon Hobson wrote:

> At work in the server room, we've an on-line double conversion system
> that will run our 7 to 8kW load for about an hour. It cost "somewhat
> more than my TV viewing is worth" and has about a 1/3 of ton of
> batteries attached !

When I worked at WWOR we had a 250 KW system, using a motor generator set 
made in Germany (actually very similar to the ones used in U-Boats). The 
batteries were enormous, and we had over 500 volts on the battery buss. This 
was made by Piller, but has since been replaced by Leibert units.

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