[mythtv-users] Open TV standards seems to be gaining traction at the FCC and in the media

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 16:48:43 UTC 2009

I read the Ars Technica article promoting more open access to TV
content, and it seems to indicate this gaining more traction at the


I was happy to see the benefits of clear QAM and the downsides of
encryption getting more press time. The story in the latter part of
the article from an individual in Oregan sounds an awful lot like a
MythTV user to me. Reaching out to our legislators and the FCC right
now seems like a good idea. This recent investigation by the FCC into
ways to implement more open access to TV seems like the best chance we
have had in while towards getting easily accessible HD content into
our mythtv systems.

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