[mythtv-users] MythTV vs Tivo (Australia)

Bruce Nordstrand brucen at ksl.com.au
Tue Dec 22 03:06:31 UTC 2009

On 22/12/09 11:53 AM, "sonofzev at iinet.net.au" <sonofzev at iinet.net.au> wrote:

> On Mon Dec 21 16:59 , Brian Wood  sent:
>> On Monday 21 December 2009 04:50:06 pm Bruce Nordstrand wrote:
>>> I have been bugging my Dad about getting a MythTV box and he has
>> always
>>> baulked. It doesnšt matter how many times I show him ours, hešs not
>>> convinced. However, he now has it in his mind to get a Tivo down here in
>>> Australia. I know nothing about these things so was wondering if anyone
>>> could give me pros and cons of Myth vs Tivo? I would much rather he had
>> a
>>> Myth box, spending $600.00 on a Tivo would give him a reasonable Myth
>>> machine with the right bits.....
>> A complete list of why Myth is better then Tivo would probably overload this
>> list server, but:
>> Commercial flagging/skipping
> (Tivo will only allow fast forward)
>> Files are stores as unencrypted video in open formats.
>> Ability to use as many tuners or capture devices.
> Although doing anything more than a dual tuner is going end up greater than
> the
> cost of a TIVO
>> Many plugins available that provide functions not available with Tivo
> Mythweb, if your dad is comfortable using a browser this is a very easy way to
> manage recordings e.t.c..
> No subscription cost required.
> However, TIVO has subscription download content available.. (This may become
> useful in Australia where the AFACT vs iinet case looks like it will go in
> AFACT's favour (read MPAA for the Americans on the list) combined with the
> Great
> Firewall of Conroy which is looking very likely at the moment too )
>> But, having said that, Myth is not for everyone, some people are happier
>> with a commercial product, especially if they are not comfortable with
>> computers.
> Read my note below about programming the remote. Putting it in a box like an
> Antec NSK2480 making it appear like a standard AV component device will also
> remove some of the fear factor.
>> Unless you happen to live where you can give rapid service to your Dad in
>> the event he has problems, or just questions, I'd be careful about turning a
>> non-techie loose with a Myth system.
> You could always open up the SSH port on his router and NAT it across to the
> myth
> box, even allowing remote X via SSH can help too (I do this on my headless MBE
> so
> I can still run mythtv-setup without worrying about firing up the X-server or
> having a mouse,keyboard and display attached to the MBE). I would recommend
> that
> you setup a very non privileged user to login over the web as... with only the
> ability to run, myth apps, su and maybe shepherd (although EIT will be less
> pain
> for you in supporting this box)
>> If you are able and willing to provide the support required, go for it.
>> My 80-year-old Mom is now very comfortable with Linux and Myth, but it took
>> a long time to get to that point.
> My girlfriend took no time at all.. As long as the remote is programmed up
> well
> and no keyboard mouse interaction is required on the box itself then the
> P(arent)AF should be high. Combining all devices with a well programmed
> Logitech
> Harmony (tm) or similar device will also go along way (although maybe blow out
> the $600.00 price again).
> All that in mind, this is probably going to take you some time to setup for
> him
> so that he doesn't have to do anything... So the total cost is greater than
> the
> sum of its parts or even dollars spent.
> The decision to build and support is up to you...

Thanks guys

I took this info and rang Dad with my spiel and have semi convinced him to
go with Myth. The tip over point was his need to record channel 7 & 9 at the
same time.

So now my job is to research tuners and come up with the best solution. His
job is to put a digital antenna on the roof. I found a couple of dual tuners
at digitalnow.com.au, one USB and the other PCI as my starting point. I'll
check out a few others too (when I find them)


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