[mythtv-users] Mythweb will not generate M3U for audio playlists from the music module

Paul Sands usg990a at cebridge.net
Mon Dec 21 23:50:23 UTC 2009

Paul Sands wrote:
> I have recently rebuilt my machine (using 0.21-Fixes) and mythweb works
> perfectly except that when I try to play a playlist (or even a song)
> nothing happens when I click on the button (tried both IE and Firefox).
> I can enter the url in a media player and it plays fine . I cannot seems
> to find any error logs that indicate a problem. This function previously
> worked on my old build. I am assuming this is user error (probably in a
> config file). Any suggestions on where to look? Is there something else
> that needs to be added to apache to allow it to work (other than adding
> the mythweb.apache.config file to /etc/apache2/modules.d)?
I managed to fix this by rebuilding php with XML.

Paul Sands
usg990a at cebridge.net

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