[mythtv-users] [RANT] Deal with non-HD in SD onlyfrontends?

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Mon Dec 21 19:32:59 UTC 2009

If I might add my 2d worth ...

I'm inclined to agree that the documentation is not easy to follow, 
and probably isn't adequate for a new and/or 'non techy' user. Some 
of that is down to the usual issues - programmers don't like writing 
documentation, and not often mentioned is the issue that the skills 
for writing good documentation tend to be quite different from 
writing code. But in the case of Myth we've a much bigger problem - 
the shear scale of the challenge !

We've analogue and digital TV; over cable, terrestrial, and 
satellite; using a veritable plethora of input devices; with at least 
three forms of listings (EIT, Schedules Direct, XMLTV); multiple 
forms of output to all sorts of displays with all sorts of video 
cards; and not to mention the multitude of different combinations of 
distro etc. All that means there isn't any way to write a single, 
simple, follow these steps, painting by numbers setup guide. The wiki 
has some good stuff in it, but by it's very nature it's fragmented - 
for example I've submitted a SQL script I use for setting up channels 
after a scan, and by a fluke much the same thing has appeared on two 
different pages.

Admittedly I haven't exactly been trying hard, but I've been 
'fiddling' for some time, and I still don't have a frontend that I 
can switch on and 'just use' with a remote.

What's probably needed is some tidying of what is already there and 
cross linking of a "1, 2, 3, ..." setup guide to the various bits of 
the wiki. A lot of what people want is actually there - but it's not 
easy to find. I'll readily admit that a lot of it is a black art to 
me*, and I don't consider myself technically illiterate, so I don't 
think I'll be able to add much - but I will have a look through some 
of the Installation/User bits of the wiki and see if I can flesh 
anything out a bit. I have spotted a couple of areas I can add to, 
and add what I learned during the recent Freeview switchover we've 
just gone through here in the UK Granada TV region (it seems that, at 
least in 0.21, a full scan doesn't work so you need to know some 
magic frequencies in order to get tuned). I've also noticed that on 
the multirec page, it only lists the pre-switchover multiplex 

* I have xmltv working, but I can't remember how and so I daren't 
touch it in case I can't get it working again !

So perhaps if every time some problem (especially if it relates to 
missing or erroneous documentation) gets solved on the list, someone 
updates the relevant part of the wiki, then things would improve. And 
on that, I'll hold my hand up and admit I could have done more.

Simon Hobson

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