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Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 11:06:32 UTC 2009

2009/12/20 Tortise <tortise at paradise.net.nz>:
> If I wanted to get a book to start me off programming mythtv, what
> language(s) should I look for?  Any other suggestions or advice in this
> line?  (From the street I know VB, HTML, and I know what css, xml, and php
> are...in reducing order......)

C++/Qt4 for the core applications, PHP/HTML/CSS for MythWeb, Perl
and/or Python if you're interested in looking at the bindings, and
perhaps XML for theming. This list is not complete (I didn't mention C
or ASM), and I'm sure a real developer* will correct/add to these in
due course :)

Start by looking at the existing code, reading the code documentation,
and understanding where and how the various parts of the codebase fit
together. Then choose something small that you want to improve/add and
start working on it. It doesn't have to have a direct impact on MythTV
to begin with, it's to get you comfortable with the code first. When
you are happy working with the code, start attacking the bug reports
or implementing new features that users are calling out for.

You probably want to lurk in the #mythtv dev channel on IRC and/or
post to mythtv-dev for _development_ questions. Subscribing to the
-dev and -commits lists is also a given. Finally, if you're planning
on doing something new and exciting, it's worth checking with the devs
beforehand whether it would be included in the codebase, or if there
are already ideas on how to implement it. No point reinventing the
wheel if you don't have to.


* I am not a MythTV developer

Nick Morrott

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