[mythtv-users] Time Warner Cable, digital to analog channell lineups question

Paul Kelly pksings at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 22:24:32 UTC 2009

Hello all;

Two years into this Mythtv project I still do not have a 
fully-functional system, this is mostly because I only get a few minutes 
here and there to work on it, which has led to incredibly slow progress. 
I'm down to this one remaining major issue.

I have TW cable and am using Schedules Direct for channel information. I 
have two sources, one named analog, which corresponds to the normal 
analog cable channels and one named Digital which corresponds to the 
Digital unencrypted channels. I have a dual tuner analog card which 
seems to work perfectly. And a dual tuner Digital card which seems also 
to do so.  I can watch programming on all four tuners so they are all 
fully functional in that regard. My problem is that I cannot schedule 
recordings for my Digital as there is no channel information shown for 
it in Mythtv.

The scheduling information shown in Mythtv only shows the Analog and no 
matter what I have tried I cannot get the Digital ones to show up and 
match up. For those of you who don't know, TW cable somehow re-maps the 
basic channels to "-1", "-2" or "-3" sub-channels, KCBS which is channel 
2 analog, shows as KCBS-DT, channel 02_1. And I get no scheduling 
information for it, or 04_1, 05_1, 07_1, 09_1, 11_1, 13_1 etc. In 
reality they are 1006, 1008 and higher, but there is nothing showing for 
them anywhere.

Anybody out there who has encountered this and knows how to get around 
it? Any help is most appreciated.

I'll be happy to post any information needed to help solve this.

Thank very, very much in advance.


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