[mythtv-users] Current Verizon FIOS experiences

greg pryzby greg at pryzby.org
Sat Dec 19 20:47:29 UTC 2009

On 12/17/2009 10:33 PM, Jarod Wilson wrote:
> On Dec 17, 2009, at 7:20 PM, Greg Pryzby wrote:
>> I can't find the 'right' lircd.conf. The one on blushing penguin (mark/lmark/lircd.conf) has some values too large for lirc_t. So I removed them and got the file to load but get an ir2c error. Firmware loaded and patched fedora 12 box
> Odd. Never saw any errors here. I picked cable box code set 85 (Motorola DCT6200), based on this table:
> http://www.blushingpenguin.com/mark/lmilk/IRcodesets.html
> Haven't poked at it in a while though. Cable box is actually a QIP6200, but almost all Motorola boxes use the same commands, from what I've seen.

After lots of careful reading and not skimming, learned that the codes 
that start w/ 0_ are cable and 1_ are satellite. So removed all the 1_ 
from lircd.conf and the file loads. They ran through the send_power_new 
and saw flashing!

But nothing made the STB power off :(

FiOS STB HD-PVR in Washington, DC.

Much closer... good thing there is some snow out to keep me focused on this.

Well, when I get back from snowboarding down the street-- Freestyle!

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