[mythtv-users] NewEgg Cheap Nvidia GT220 Cards

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Thu Dec 17 13:27:47 UTC 2009

Richard wrote:

> I had a problem like this as well after trying to run the drivers
> directly from nvidia. For one, make sure you use their script to
> uninstall. If you don't it leaves some files hanging about which I
> think confuses X. I don't remember now if there was anything else I
> had to do but it was a real PITA.

I couldn't find any script for uninstall.  Is it the same as the install
script?  The README doesn't have anything about uninstalling.

BTW, I forgot to mention that I scoured the X logs and really didn't see
much.  The only (EE) was not loading libglx.so (or some glx library, I
forget exact file).  With Ubuntu it is a little confusing since when X
doesn't start, they start an X session anyway with the vesa driver and I
don't know if I am looking at the right log.

And note, this (EE) was in the middle of the log, not at the end, which
is where I'd usually see an X-killing error.

Ron wrote:

> The bad and ugly parts are unfortunate, but as you suggest I'm not
> convinced they have anything to do with this card directly. Have you
> tried to see what deinterlacers you can get with 1080i content
> (although the wiki says no for Advanced 2x, I thought I recall reading
> something suggesting it MIGHT be possible with the card).

Didn't get that far yet with the other problems (and other time
commitments that keep me from working on this).  Hopefully this weekend.
That said, I never saw where I would select the interlacers anyway. With
0.21 it was in one of the regular front end setup menus, but with .22, I
get to pick slim/normal/VDPAU/etc. and all the rest, but nothing about
the interlacers.  Maybe I have to drill down to a lower menu.

Michael wrote:

> I am assuming you are not using the audio built into the GT220. Is
> that correct? I hadn't heard of anyone getting it to work at all.

When I had the audio problems I ran lspci to see if the G210 had some
audio component and I was surprised to see something listed for the card
(I had not known about this).  I obviously wasn't trying to use it, but
it may have thrown a wrench in the system.  Don't know how to disable
it.  I am using the onboard analog sound (intel HDA) into a 5.1 speaker
system, and for the display, I am using DVI out into an HDMI in on my
Hanns-G 28" *monitor* (not TV).

Jon S.

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