[mythtv-users] remote frontend on a Mac

Bill Williamson bill at bbqninja.com
Thu Dec 17 11:37:58 UTC 2009

>> You may think the system is ridiculous, but it works for many people.
> Who mess up each others recordings ... Working? Well, it's working and
> has some nice features, but it's extremely awkward to use and missing
> some very basic stuff. Not being capable of having multiple users
> makes it pretty useless for me. I'll probably purge it and use
> kaffeine again.

-kaffeine supports multiple users over a network, scheduling, and
permission trees?  When was this put in?

What IS your use case?  You haven't given anyone on this list the
courtesy of saying what you're trying to do!!!

>> See how each setting has a hostname associated with it? Thats why you
>> WILL get problems if the database thinks two machines have the same
>> hostname.
> It thinks they are the same even when they are using different names
> and are different computers. I had to change the server address from
> to the address of the server because the software was
> assuming it would be the same for clients. And why do you need to
> enter IPs and can't just use the hostname?

It doesn't think they're the same; you're doing something wrong, and
are not being very conducive to assistance.  I run myth on 3 front
ends with different video cards, screen resolutions, and audio
settings.  Try it with -v settings and give us the log to see why it's
pulling the same setting for two different frontends.

> And then, if it would work, you could apparently do whatever you want
> from any client, and that's just ridiculous. You need to give everyone
> administrator rights on windoze computers to prevent them from being
> blocked from doing their work, but this isn't windoze and it shouldn't
> that way anyway. I don't give anyone else admin rights on my
> computer. Why would I suddenly do that with mythtv? It's outrageous.

You would want to do that with mythtv because it is a home based
system.  If someone is in your home then I doubt the first thing they
will do is change your recording schedule;  they will steal your TV.
It's just like how HOME BASED routers support upnp, because 99.999% of
home users want their xbox 360 or bittorrent client to connect to
other computers.  Corporate routers don't support upnp, nor should

Again, tell us your use case and we can try to help you figure out
what you're doing.

-are you at uni and you don't trust other network users?  (answer:
firewall rules)
-are you living at home and don't trust your family?  (answer: false
identity, leave the country, cash out retirement fund)
-are you attempting to run some sort of distribution for an apartment
complex? (answer: easiest would be looking elsewhere, a LOT of
coderework would be necessary)

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