[mythtv-users] remote frontend on a Mac

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Dec 17 10:29:09 UTC 2009

lee wrote:

>  > You do it pretty much the same way you do under Linux. It works just
>>  fine on both my Mac Mini and MacBook Pro under Mac OS X.
>It doesn't work the same way. The settings are totally messed up ---
>apparently mythtv is not able to handle multiple users and multiple

Apparently it can - at least it does for most users. The fact that 
YOUR installation isn't working correctly doesn't mean that the the 
source package is broken.

>  > > 7.) the recordings of one user are available to the remote frontend
>>  > and thus to another user
>>  Huh? What's the problem here?
>It's another user, but mythtv doesn't seem to understand that.

Correct - MythTV doesn't deal with 'users', and since it's not a 
designed in part of the system, it's not broken. That may not be what 
YOU want, but it's how the system is designed.

>  > All recordings are shared within a single MythTV setup (which 
>encompasses all frontends and backends tied to the same master 
>backend). MythTV doesn't have a concept of "users" really.
>That sucks, and it's totally ridiculous. How do I prevent another user
>from removing my recordings or from preventing me from recording
>something because he's trying to record something else at the same

OK, turn that around, how do you prevent another user changing the 
timer settings on your VCR ? Or changing the tape and overwriting 
your recordings ? Or a very common one, changing channels on the Sky 
box when you've left it on a specific channel to record on the VCR 
later ?

>And how could you have remote frontends when they all use the same
>settings? You would be required to have identical hard- and software
>for all the frontends.

They don't have to have the same settings.

 From your tone, I'd suggest that possibly Myth isn't the right tool 
for you because you seem to be after different functionality to what 
Myth provides. If you want a system where one box in one room is 
totally separate from another box in another room, then you might be 
better off just getting a couple of off the shelf PVR boxes.

On the other hand, it might be that if you understood Myth a bit 
better, then you might decide it will work for you. Launching into 
things with an attitude of "it sucks", "it's totally broken", and 
"it's ridiculous" isn't necessarily the best way to get sympathetic 

If we start from the facts that :
- You can have multiple frontends (which can have their own settings).
- The Mac OS X frontend does work.
- Myth is (by design) a shared system.
then it sounds like you have several issues that need sorting out. 
Some of those are down to your understanding of how the system is 
supposed to work, some sound more like technical problems.

It might be more productive to try and work with people to resolve 
the problems you are having, rather than slagging the project off for 
what you perceive as design errors.

Simon Hobson

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