[mythtv-users] playback of HD recording stuttering

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Subject: [mythtv-users] playback of HD recording stuttering
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how comes that the playback of a HD recording in mythfrontend is
stuttering? Other players like mplayer and vlc play the same file just
fine. But playing it from within mythfrontend, it's like the video is
moving backwards a few frames all the time while playing forward.

Mythfrontend is supposed to use VDPAU already, and I'm pretty sure the
other players use that by default.

BTW, how do you export a recording other than creating a DVD? And can
I put something recorded in HD on a DVD just like other recordings, or
will the resolution be reduced? How does mythfrontend deal with

recordings that don't fit onto a single DVD? That HD recording is 10GB.


I will try to answer the questions related to HD playback.
My assumptions are that you are running mythfrontend .22, you have a card that is able to do VDPAU and that the proprietary driver for the video card is loaded.
If all the above are true then what you are probably missing is the profile setting in mythfrontend that tells the player to use VDPAU.  I do not think VDPAU is the default.  To do this go to Utilities / Setup -> TV Settings -> Playback  and on the third page change your Current Video Playback Profile to one of the ones that has VDPAU in the name.

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