[mythtv-users] Myth with Dish Network / DirectTV ?

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 20:10:29 UTC 2009

Hi all,
   It seems like I don't see much discussion here about using Myth
with Dish Network or Direct TV. I assume there must be some users out
there and this is directed toward them.

   I'm a Bay Area Comcast subscriber. With the announcement on this
list that Comcast Seattle has started encrypting nearly everything I
suspect that the Bay Area will soon follow which would render my
current Myth/HDHR setup pretty much useless. Seems like the following
would be my options:

1) I could get busy and figure out how to actually control the cheap
DTA's with the IR controllers. If that works then I could rent two of
those for SDA recording. I hate paying Comcast any more money.

2) I could start paying Comcast more money for additional STBs and
attempt to control them with 1394/USB or whatever works these days. My
view from these lists is that's very hit-and-miss technically, but
maybe less so with 0.22 which I'm not using yet.

3) I could give in, rent a couple of DVRs. Yet more money to Comcast
and no TV here in my office. Hate this idea.

4) I could dump Comcast completely and go with a satellite company.
This seems interesting as they have always supplied a lot of receivers
with their base installation so that would give me a fighting chance
in terms of cost and media, or so I think.

   I'm wondering how well satellite TV works these days? They say they
have the local channels. They supply everything I need. I don't care
much about HD so my recording is pretty easy technology wise.

   What's the verdict these days?


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