[mythtv-users] Sound only starts after switching to TV [SOLVED]

Johnny Walker johnnyjboss at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 18:13:41 UTC 2009

> Synaptic says that PulseAudio in not installed so that is not a way to solve
> my problem.  Thanks again for the input though.  My problem is that when I
> use VLC as the player for .ioc video files I get no sound even though if I
> use a main menu button to start VLC the sound is fine.  The obvious problem
> with using a main menu button is that you have to use a mouse to select the
> files from a file list.  Actually, probably the biggest problem is finding
> the VLC dialog with the mouse as the mouse cursor is blanked when over any
> part of the screen except the small VLC dialog.

You can control Alsa through the command line (and thus with a script)
by using the commands outlined on this page:



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