[mythtv-users] Adding HDHR to a master backend with an HDPVR already

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Wed Dec 16 15:05:48 UTC 2009

Johnny Walker wrote:
> So what I tried was removing both sources and re-adding the HDHR first
> so there wouldn't be any channels 'in the way'. I still got quite a
> few notices that channels were in conflict. I don't understand this
> since there was a blank slate to be adding these newly scanned
> channels to.
You may be picking up the same channels broadcast by more than one transmitter. 
In that case, the same channel (ID) will be broadcast on a different channel 
(frequency) in order to avoid interference problems.

When myth scans the second (or subsequent) channel with the same ID it doesn't 
know what to do with it. Is this the one you're supposed to have, or was it the 
previous one(s)?

You *did* do a 'delete all sources' operation, didn't you, rather than delete 
each source individually? 'Delete all sources' guarantees to clean out all of 
the database info from previous attempts.


Mike Perkins

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