[mythtv-users] Looking for a modeline for Sony Bravia KDL-46W4500

Kingsley Turner krt at krt.com.au
Wed Dec 16 01:05:56 UTC 2009


I'm looking for a 1920x1080 modeline for a Sony Bravia KDL-46W4500

With everything running automatically (onboard NVidia 9700 via HDMI, 
stock Mythbuntu 8.10 binary-blob driver) it stretches the output about 
an inch (2.5cm) past the edge of the display - at least on the left, 
probably the right too.

Has anyone played with one of these and got a nice exact output?

I found these modelines on the internets:

    Section "Monitor"
        Identifier    "Bravia KDL-46W4500"
        VendorName "Sony"
        ModelName "Bravia KDL-46W4500"

        #Seems to be reasonable values
        HorizSync 30-70
        VertRefresh 60

        #Display physical dimensions in mm, used to calculate the DPI
        DisplaySize 1010 570

        #1080p @ 60Hz
        Modeline "1920x1080" 148.5 1920 2000 2048 2200 1080 1084 1089
    1125 +hsync +vsync
        #720p @ 60Hz
        Modeline "1280x720" 74.25 1280 1390 1430 1650 720 725 730 750
    +hsync +vsync

But they DO NOT WORK!   The TV goes all funny, and since it's not my TV, 
I didn't want to dick around too much for fear of breaking something.

I was wondering if using the latest nVidia driver would make a 
difference - this is the last resort, as it requires re-compilation if 
the kernel updates.


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