[mythtv-users] New MythTV Web/Internet Video Plugin

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 23:17:01 UTC 2009

>> Wanted to share something that has been percolating for a few weeks
>> that you might enjoy.  As most of you know, there have been many,
>> many, many efforts to add a "Internet Video" plugin to Myth over the
>> past few years, but each of them had serious issues, whether they be
>> code, design, terms of service violations, or a number of others.
>> With that in mind, I asked Doug Vaughan (who wrote the TVDB grabber
>> and Jamu) if he was interested in working with me on a new plugin for
>> Myth.
> Wow, wow, and WOW!
> Looking forward to this.

This looks really great, and I think it will be valuble/important for
mythtv going forward. I noticed the absence of any mention of Hulu or
any of the major networks' sites (e.g. FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC). Are these
just in the "work to be done" category, or is there a technological or
TOS limitation that prevents this. I have been really impressed with
clicker.com. They have a great interface that lets you search or
browse almost any TV Show and many Movies and it links you to where
they are available on the web. Being able to browse clicker.com from
within MNV would be great.

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