[mythtv-users] 720p HD content from WPVI in Philly periodic a/v sync issues

Taylor Ralph tralph11 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 15 21:19:14 UTC 2009

> This patch worked well with the sample recording on my
> system using
> DRM vsync.  I didn't notice any offensive a/v sync
> errors.  Thought I
> notices a couple ghost-like frames but I'm not sure.
> Here's the log:  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2386241/patch-v5-DRM.log.gz

Thanks for all your testing. I checked youf logs and it does look better. I did see one instance where 2 frames were dropped.

> opengl vsync didn't seem to work on my mac-mini install,
> even when
> enabled it defaulted to DRM.  Previously it would run
> opengl vsync, as
> all my testing as been on this machine.  I'll
> definitely try to
> compile on my other frontend, with different hardware and
> report back
> with an update as to whether opengl vsync is working.

I've attached a new patch with a slight change for DRM and OpenGL vsync and some additional debug. Please try again and let us know your results.



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